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          188体育网投_188体育直播现场年12名学生被布拉德福德市市长玛格丽特·麦克米兰塔周五3月8日提出的“同伴教育培训药物的证书。 24学生已经在同行中药物主动参与将是ESTA一年,一年8个教学班的所有关于形成的危险;复活节前吸烟,吸毒和酗酒,在PDS会议。

          The awards event also involved a re-launch of the initiative by ADEPT, (Alcohol & Drugs Education Prevention Team), and the Year 12 188体育直播现场 City students were invited as role models, for other schools across the borough who are being advised to get involved in the project. The students will get a further opportunity to be presented with awards later in the year by BSDPI (布拉德福德 Schools Drug Prevention Initiative) who were also in attendance at the event.

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